UDK Level Design Assignment

Spent a few days working on this level. Right away I could picture a city on a space station that had huge orbit rings around it. I eventually landed on the idea of playing out the level on top of the largest skyscraper in the city, and as such started imagining what would be on top of said roof! After I was done scribbling down doodles of the level layout I threw it together in UDK without textures.

I tweaked the layout for a few hours until I was happy and then textured everything and added a trim to any unsightly edges. Once done I added the items and helped the games pathing along by placing some nodes to help link up the paths across the map. Next was lighting, which really took a while to get right… my initial plans to have it emitting from the rings lights failed when I realised they were too huge to be effective, so I needed to go another route!

I added in the rest of the sprawling city with little hassle and then my lecturer helped me out here by showing me how to use the bloom and depth of field settings, once done I played with them until I got what I thought looked right.

Once finished designing the level I added some Kismet commands to allow the rings to spin, I also wired up the Bots to spawn in when the player does and to infinitely spawn every time they die. I did this without ever using Kismet before and ended up with a slight error  that I could not fix, but it still allows the game to play as I intended!

You can see the level in the images below or you can download the level as an Executable file and play a few deathmatch games on it.

Download the Game (279MB)

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