Molyjam 2012: I’ll be making a game in 48 hours… I hope!

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking this out, I will be taking part in Molyjam 2012! The gist of it is to take a tweet from the infamous Peter Molyneux parody account @PeterMolyduex and turn it into a real game!

As most of you know I’m still only learning, but I think I have enough skills to make a basic game. The tweet that inspired me is:

You have 1 bullet. Once fired it enters slow motion, can take hours to reach it’s target. Things you do from then on affect it’s direction

I will be using Unity 3D, 3DS Max and paint.NET to make the assets with some help from Paddy Neary.

I will be streaming for the first hour and 30 minutes tonight and all day Saturday and Sunday, so if you want to watch, feel free! I’d also love any suggestions for things to affect its direction!

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