Global Game Jam Over, Tell Tale Trials Now Released!

So, as you may or may not know myself and 3 other guys (Shane Kavanagh, Paul S. O’Brien and Martin O’Shea) all took part in Global Game Jam this past weekend. When our project lead heard the theme (a heartbeat) he couldn’t quite get Lisa Simpson’s diorama out of his head. So we (and what seems to be a few hundred other teams) decided it would be cool to make a game based on the Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe.

Our base game idea was to have a house, with strange happenings and weird noises going on all the time. The player would navigate this house in the old DOS adventure game style that Grimrock brought back! We then wanted to give the player a way to look at the items in the world to help figure out what to do and where to go, so this lead to our mechanic of being able to pick up items and rotate them for clues.

We then wanted the story to be [Spoilers!] that player would be having all these weird things happening to him and a heartbeat getting louder and quieter depending on how you do. We hoped this would lead the player to think it was a health type of system, in the end they would find out the strange stuff was happening because they had killed someone and their brain forced them into believing nothing was wrong.

In the end we only got one room done, but we feel it accurately depicts what our idea for the game is and I personally would love to expand on the idea without the 48 hour time limit 😛

There are four ways to play it so far:

Webplayer: Play The Tell Tale Trials

Android: The Tell Tale Trials – Google Play Store

Windows: Play The Tell Tale Trials For Windows

MacOSX: Play The Tell Tale Trials For Mac

Linux: Coming Soon!

We would love some feedback! We are aware there may be some bugs left but if you find any don’t hesitate to inform me 😛



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