Belfast GameCraft – Blossom Bee

Blossom BeeTeaming up again with Shane Kavanagh and Paul S. O’Brien, we created Blossom Bee in just 8 hours! The theme of the day was “Bloom” so we gravitated towards the idea of playing as a Bee in spring time, flying around pollinating all the flowers, encouraging them to bloom!

This was the tightest timeline I’ve ever programmed a game in and at a certain part you could tell I was under a bit of pressure. I was having a weird problem wherein when I rotated the parent object all the children of the parent object had their scale warp, it was incredibly frustrating and I cannot even remember how I fixed it!

I also had my bike stolen on the day, it really sucked. It was a 3 week old bike, I cycled in to Bus Eireann by Connolly Station and locked it just outside the Garda and Bus station at about 6am. I had arranged to have someone pick it up at 9am, but by the time they got there the bike was gone! I was super bummed out for the rest of the day.

Anyways you can play it here:

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