More posts coming!

It’s been a bit crazy over the Christmas, but I managed to finish a number of my huge assignments! Over the next few days I will be posting the work I have done on the Rocket, the Higher/Lower Card Game and a couple of other things..

Updates will happen over the next few days.


Assignment: Higher or Lower Card Game

This is the program I’ve written for my java assignment. It is a higher or lower card game, the player draws their card, enters their credits, then begins guessing if the card will be higher, lower or equal.

There needs to be at least three buttons, one to enter credit, one to guess higher and one to guess lower. There should be at least one textfield to top up the credit pool using a String to int command. The cards must change when the buttons are pressed and the player informed when they are out of credits.

The only things left for me to add that are required are sounds/music and the ability for the cards to be disabled as they are used so no one card repeats.

I want to add a bank system, where by instead of the player determining how much credit they start with, they have 100 banked, which they can then add to their credit. As the player gains more credits they can bank the extra for reassurance that they will never have absolutely no credits in the game. If however the player does end up with 0 credits and 0 banked, it will then be game over and an appropriate screen would display.

Source code will be posted in January when the assignment is handed in.


Click on through to play the game:

The month of assignments!

The past month has been extremely busy… sort of! The first two weeks kind of went by really quick but then all of a sudden we had 6 assignments. I handed in my computer architecture assignment, it was a survey on computers and networks in a business of our choosing, nothing too much. Next assignment we got was a Character Design project, we need to design a character for a kids edutainment game based on the current primary school curriculum. We also have a 700 word essay for communications due… but that’s the boring stuff.

For 3ds Max we have to produce a highly detailed model of the Saturn V Rocket, more commonly known as the Apollo 11 Rocket, or even, “The one to the moon!” It’s quite complex and has tons of tiny details, and even a few really big complex parts, but I really like it. I will post progress pictures as soon as I am happy to show them. So far it has consisted of me doing a whole part, not liking some aspect of it, starting over and doing the same… But each time I do it faster and make it look better.

For Programming we have to make a higher or lower card game in Java. It needs to have at least three buttons, one text field that translates a String to an Integer, a function to alert users that the are out of credit and to stop the buttons from working and finally it needs to deduct/add credit and inform the player when they win or lose. I have pretty much all of this done, I will present it in another post when it is ready. The only things I would like to add so far are some music, sounds and some code to keep track of all the cards and have the deck run out. I will post the source code when the assignment is handed in in January.

Finally we have our Game Design assignment, we need to design a game mechanic. It needs to be kid friendly and be as original as can be. We then need to draw sketches and blueprints, explain how it works etc. In the end it will be used in our final work experience project.

That’s all for now, will post again as soon as I can with some renders of my rocket and the beta of my card game.

3DS: Lathing

Today was our first class on lathing, but first we had to learn about splines. Our previous two classes focused on box modeling which involves manipulating vertices and polygons to achieve the shape you wish. With splines you can simply draw the object in 2s and extrude/lathe etc to form a 3d object which you can then manipulate like a box model.

So first I started by drawing out the basic line for a glass.

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