Agent||Operator is a game that I am working on along with David O’Neill. It is a Cooperative Stealth/Hacking game inspired by spy movies and TV shows like 24 and Batman Beyond.

Players can control an Agent or an Operator. There can be multiple Agents, who navigate the world in a first person perspective. They must remain hidden and take in their environment as there will be cameras, drones, trip wires and all sorts of clues as to invisible threats. They can use their programmable tagging device to interact with the environment, the players senses and timing is only 50% of what will keep the mission on track, the other half of every Agent, is the Operator.

The Operator plays from a 2D top down perspective. The can navigate the world as if it were a map or blueprint, when an Agent is in range of an entity(cameras, doors, drones, etc), or manages to tag one with the correct preprogrammed functions, the Operator can hack into the entity and take full control of its functions. The Operator can lock doors, take control and view cameras, even completely reschedule a drones waypoint systems.

We are still working on Agent||Operator in a prototypical sense, but we want to keep you informed to the decisions we make along the way. We also bring with us to any events we can show it off and get people opinions of it, so keep an eye out for posts about that!

You can follow our Agent||Operator Facebook Page for more up to date information.

Belfast GameCraft – Blossom Bee

Blossom BeeTeaming up again with Shane Kavanagh and Paul S. O’Brien, we created Blossom Bee in just 8 hours! The theme of the day was “Bloom” so we gravitated towards the idea of playing as a Bee in spring time, flying around pollinating all the flowers, encouraging them to bloom!

This was the tightest timeline I’ve ever programmed a game in and at a certain part you could tell I was under a bit of pressure. I was having a weird problem wherein when I rotated the parent object all the children of the parent object had their scale warp, it was incredibly frustrating and I cannot even remember how I fixed it!

I also had my bike stolen on the day, it really sucked. It was a 3 week old bike, I cycled in to Bus Eireann by Connolly Station and locked it just outside the Garda and Bus station at about 6am. I had arranged to have someone pick it up at 9am, but by the time they got there the bike was gone! I was super bummed out for the rest of the day.

Anyways you can play it here:

Global Game Jam Over, Tell Tale Trials Now Released!

So, as you may or may not know myself and 3 other guys (Shane Kavanagh, Paul S. O’Brien and Martin O’Shea) all took part in Global Game Jam this past weekend. When our project lead heard the theme (a heartbeat) he couldn’t quite get Lisa Simpson’s diorama out of his head. So we (and what seems to be a few hundred other teams) decided it would be cool to make a game based on the Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe.

Our base game idea was to have a house, with strange happenings and weird noises going on all the time. The player would navigate this house in the old DOS adventure game style that Grimrock brought back! We then wanted to give the player a way to look at the items in the world to help figure out what to do and where to go, so this lead to our mechanic of being able to pick up items and rotate them for clues.

We then wanted the story to be [Spoilers!] that player would be having all these weird things happening to him and a heartbeat getting louder and quieter depending on how you do. We hoped this would lead the player to think it was a health type of system, in the end they would find out the strange stuff was happening because they had killed someone and their brain forced them into believing nothing was wrong.

In the end we only got one room done, but we feel it accurately depicts what our idea for the game is and I personally would love to expand on the idea without the 48 hour time limit 😛

There are four ways to play it so far:

Webplayer: Play The Tell Tale Trials

Android: The Tell Tale Trials – Google Play Store

Windows: Play The Tell Tale Trials For Windows

MacOSX: Play The Tell Tale Trials For Mac

Linux: Coming Soon!

We would love some feedback! We are aware there may be some bugs left but if you find any don’t hesitate to inform me 😛


Dublin GameCraft 2 – Get Out Of The Forest!

So Dublin GameCraft 2 is finished! I arrived at about 8am and met some awesome people! The theme was revealed at 9am it was the color blue and a silhouetted bird on a branch.

I started straight away, deciding to work on my own. I was not confident enough in my skills to team up with someone else.  I immediately had an idea for a side scrolling game where you need to fly the bird and keep its energy. The original plan was to have him land on branches and replenish energy, with obstacles that would deplete the energy quicker. This prototyped fine but wasn’t much fun, so I added the BullDozer, something to run away from. I spent ages trying to strike a balance between the dozer, the bird and the flies, but I just couldn’t figure it out and time was running out fast! I decided to multiply the Bull Dozer’s speed by how many trees it knocked down, the birds velocity works by multiply the force of pressing down the forwards key by the energy you have gathered from eating the flies.

I added in emotions, just little sayings to help you know how thigns are going, the bird gets happy depending on how fast the bird is going and he gets more depressed based on how many trees are knocked over. I then worked on the art, very simple pixel art that I blew up to be in HD, then duplicated the small bit of level I over and over and over again til I had a very big level, I then tweaked the positions of all the obstacles and flies so it wasn’t a repetitive game. Once this was complete I worked on tweaking the game til it felt fun to play. Then once done it was played a good bit while the judges went around.

You can what the all 12 hours of developement in 8 minutes here:


You can play it here: