Guard AI Prototype

Here is the first prototype of our Guard AI. Please give it go and leave feedback either in the game by clicking the GA button or in the comments section  here.


Objective: Try not to get seen!


WASD to move

Mouse for camera

Right click to go fullscreen

Next update should include a fully animated character model and significantly better camera control!

Oculus VR Jam – Spacecraft Simulator

So I was taking part in the inaugural Oculus Jam, I was recording my progress on a daily basis and even demoed the project at dubLudo 7! But then my Razer Hydra controller broke, so I stopped working on it as the game was based on using the controllers as an analogue for your hands in the virtual space.

The project used a combination of the Oculus Rift, Microsoft Kinect and Razer Hydra. Rift for head tracking and general VR immersion, Kinect for positional tracking of the body and Razer Hydra for positional tracking of the hands. I could have used the Kinect for the hands but it is far worse at tracking limbs.

Here are the two videos I did manage to make of my progress before the controller was broken:



IAMAGAMER 2013 – Fish Puncher!

So while on vacation here in Austria, myself and Clare Byrne (who did all the art on paper and took photos of them on her phone since she had no laptop) decided to take part in Iamagamers first game jam! The theme was “Strong Female Protagonist”, so we picked Sylvia Earle as our inspiration. She lead the first team of female aquanauts, which is pretty cool!

Fish Puncher Menuiamamagamer2

We gave our character a kickass submarine to help her explore the ocean for treasure and other cool stuff.

You can play it here:

Gamecraft 3 – The Life Galactic

Here is the game I made for Gamecraft 3! The theme of the day was “Non-violent Exploration” so naturally I made a space exploration game! You can warp to and from locations in the system and scan objects. The plan was to have the player harvest x amount of various mineral and build a hyperspace gate to the next area, but due to time constraints and computer problems I didn’t quite reach that goal.

Here’s a video of the gameplay:


Here’s the making of video:

You can download it here: