Agent||Operator is a game that I am working on along with David O’Neill. It is a Cooperative Stealth/Hacking game inspired by spy movies and TV shows like 24 and Batman Beyond.

Players can control an Agent or an Operator. There can be multiple Agents, who navigate the world in a first person perspective. They must remain hidden and take in their environment as there will be cameras, drones, trip wires and all sorts of clues as to invisible threats. They can use their programmable tagging device to interact with the environment, the players senses and timing is only 50% of what will keep the mission on track, the other half of every Agent, is the Operator.

The Operator plays from a 2D top down perspective. The can navigate the world as if it were a map or blueprint, when an Agent is in range of an entity(cameras, doors, drones, etc), or manages to tag one with the correct preprogrammed functions, the Operator can hack into the entity and take full control of its functions. The Operator can lock doors, take control and view cameras, even completely reschedule a drones waypoint systems.

We are still working on Agent||Operator in a prototypical sense, but we want to keep you informed to the decisions we make along the way. We also bring with us to any events we can show it off and get people opinions of it, so keep an eye out for posts about that!

You can follow our Agent||Operator Facebook Page for more up to date information.

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