3DS: Lathing

Today was our first class on lathing, but first we had to learn about splines. Our previous two classes focused on box modeling which involves manipulating vertices and polygons to achieve the shape you wish. With splines you can simply draw the object in 2s and extrude/lathe etc to form a 3d object which you can then manipulate like a box model.

So first I started by drawing out the basic line for a glass.

Then I manipulate the vertices into a smoother shape as the previous picture would produce a very blocky and unrealistic glass.

Here you can see why I on drew a quarter of the glass, when you lathe it takes what you have drawn and adds segments to form a circle, the more segments you add the smoother your result.

So I continued drawing until I had a table, glass and bottle.

Next week we will be covering mapping and materials so I can finally add textures to my models, we will also hopefully be covering lofting which I’m not entirely sure what it does, but from what I’ve read it adds detail to lathed objects.

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