LifeCycle: Tour de Dance



LifeCycle: Tour de Dance is a procedurally generated endless cycler game where the player must avoid traffic and break the record for longest uninterrupted cycle. The player must avoid traffic and other dangerous obstacles as any stopping will cause the record to have to be restarted.


The game will require the player’s full attention while playing, they are automatically snapped to the middle of which ever lane they are cycling in and must swap lanes when a car starts to approach. Cars can approach from behind or in front and their drivers have a particular distaste for cyclist, they wont care if you’re in their way, so you better change lanes!
Other obstacles will include angry pedestrians, elitist cyclists, dogs, stray footballs etc This ensures the player cant become to content with their environment and must keep on the lookout.
The “Tour de Dance” refers to the fact that every object in the scene will have it’s own sound and/or riff associated with it. While they are in the scene they will mix together to create a dynamic soundtrack that changes while you are playing. For instance, cars will have a slow bassy thump while they drive, cyclists will have higher pitched tones and a faster tempo, lamposts will have singular dings of sound as the come into the scene.


In 11 weeks I hope to have a completed game with at least one sound / riff per dynamic object in the scene, a sprite with at least 3 frames of animation per dynamic object and 1 frame per static object.
The player will be able to move lanes, collide with cars and turn corners at as the road changes.


The image in my head for this game is that of a colorful NES game. It being in 2D has it’s own challenge of sorting collision layers based on what lane an object is in.
I’m a relative newcomer to pixel art, especially the animation side of things, if I cant find someone to outsource this work to I could possible lose a lot of valuable time to getting it looking right.
Finally the audio aspect will require a lot of tuning, while I’m confident I can get the technical aspect of it working, it being a somewhat dynamic system makes it a challenge to compose something that isn’t a cacophony of noise. Ultimately though I think the audio aspect could help with the “composition” of certain chunks of the game by dictating what and when to spawn things, thus taking some of the randomness out of the game.

Production plan

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