Game Jam Games

Dublin GameCraft December 2013 – Winter Jammers


Requires two Xbox 360 controllers!

A homage to the best two player game I’ve ever played!

Oculus VR Jam 2013

This is my Oculus Jam prototype, it uses the Oculus Rift to track player head movement, a Kinect to track the players position in real world and the Razer Hydra to track the players hands!

It was great fun to work on and figure everything out, but unfortunately my Razer Hydra broke and they no longer produce any, even for replacements.

IAmAGamer 2013

Controls: WASD to move, Space to punch!

Made in two days while on holiday in Austria

Dublin GameCraft 3 – The Life Galactic

Belfast GameCraft 2013 – Blossom Bee

Controls: WASD

Try to pollinate all the flowers!

Global Game Jam 2013 – Tell Tale Trials

Solve the mystery of the tell tale heart by inspecting objects in the room!

Dublin GameCraft 2 – Get Out Of The Forest

Get out of the forest before the steamroller pollutes everything!

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