3D Modelling

3D Assignment #1: Saturn V Rocket

Really late getting this post up but here it is!

This assignment was given to us in November and due on January 16th.  We were required to make use of the different modelling techniques we had learnt up until that point, such as Point, Polygon and Vertex editing, Lathing , Lofting , Scene Setup and Texture Mapping. We were also required to provide between 6 – 20 images showing the detail of the rocket, the 3ds max scene file and a video clip of the rocket “taking off” rendered at 25 frames per second for a maximum of 10 seconds. We were not required to build the gantry or any other scenery apart from a ground, a “launch platform” and a skybox.

The Saturn V Rocket is more commonly known as the Apollo 11 Rocket. The Rocket is basically a big cylinder that comes to a point near the top. The two biggest points of detail are in the Engines and the Cone.


3DS: Lathing

Today was our first class on lathing, but first we had to learn about splines. Our previous two classes focused on box modeling which involves manipulating vertices and polygons to achieve the shape you wish. With splines you can simply draw the object in 2s and extrude/lathe etc to form a 3d object which you can then manipulate like a box model.

So first I started by drawing out the basic line for a glass.


3DS: First Complex Models


//Removed the applet due to Java insecurities\\



This is what we made on Tuesday the 18th of October, started with a basic cube and edited the mesh from there, applying the mesh smooth towards the end.


When I got home I realised it didn’t really look like any plane I knew, so I got to work on something more realistic, I looked at some pictures of an F-15 fighter jet for reference and made the following: