Released Games:

Tell Tale Trials The Tell Tale Trials:

This game was an entry into Global Game Jam 2013, the theme of which was a heartbeat. We had a 48 hour time limit to   produce what you see when you play the game. It is the product of a four man team, Shane Kavanagh, Project Lead, Paul S. O’Brien, Art and Assets, Martin O’Shea, Sound Assets and Design, and myself, Lead Programmer.

The game is based on Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell Tale Heart”. The game mechanics are a mixture of old Adventure style dungeon crawlers, and point and click adventures.I wrote the game in C# and used iTween to facilitate the movement of objects. I also applied the sound assets to each object in the game.

Android app on Google Play

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Blossom Bee

This game was designed in 8 hours for the Belfast GameCraft, the theme of which was “Bloom”. It was made in conjunction with Shane Kavanagh and Paul S. O’Brien. I was responsible for the coding and over all technical design.

The game features Xbox 360 Controller support, it also features random generation, when you load into the level, the flowers which are supply pollen are random selected.

It is written in C# and uses NGUI for rapid prototyping of a gui.

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Level Design:


Download “City in a Pocket” (279MB)

Read about how this level was made.



Cargo Shift

Cargo Shift Gameplay

This was a prototype for the first semester of DGH 1. The goal was to design a small prototype featuring some game mechanics that hadn’t been done before. We were also to write up a design log of our process.

View the Design Log

Play the Prototype





Smashtar was a summer project just after I finished LUDO, it is a breakout clone that I was inspired to make after watching “Juice it or lose it“.  The game has three levels, pickups, score, tweening and touch controls. It has also been ported to Android phones and tablets.

Play the Prototype





This was my first foray into networked multiplayer, it uses Unity’s built in networking functions. The demo features weapons firing and players moving, all movement of the players and their projectiles are synced across the network.

To play the demo, host the server in one tab, connect via a second tab and I guess arrange for someone else to play at the same time or check out the synchronization via a third tab.

Play the Prototype